The Japan Star Wars Fan Club


The Japan Star Wars Fan Club was created in 1983 along with the release of Return of the Jedi.

The membership kit included a number of unique items which have become very rare and range among the most sought after Star Wars memorabilia.

Here is the first list ever made of these collectibles and the only available anywhere.

Each member was receiving a richly illustrated folder, with unique Japanese art and an exclusive pop-up photo montage.

The content of this beautiful folder and the member’s gifts differ totally from those of the official US Star Wars Fan Club, and they quite never show up on eBay or any other internet source.

There was two information pages in Japanese :

Three stills from the movie (with © 1982) :

A subscription ballot :

A membership metal card and holder :

The folder in which those magazines could be stored :

A stickers sheet :

An audio tape with the sound of the Return of the Jedi trailer : an absolute unique item.

Note that the movie is twice referred to as «Revenge of the Jedi» on the back of the leaflet :

A pin’s :

A wallet :

A cassette book :

Various merchandising and convention ads :

Fan Club subscription flyers (three versions) :

A calendar :

A magazine (12 issues) :

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you know about more items related to the Japan Star Wars Fan Club.

email at :


The envelope in which those magazines where shipped to the members :

Between 1986 and 1987, the JSWFC published four additional information letters : they are the Graal of the Japanese Star Wars collectibles. They are referenced here for the first time and appear nowhere else in the internet :